Alyssa Sineni

Alyssa Sineni

Alyssa Sineni

2020 Professional Artist in Retreat

Alyssa SineniThere is alchemy in working with metal. Through the years, it has forged me, every bit, as I have learned to work with it.

As an artist, I am inspired by stories of the human experience. Because of its symbolic and intimate nature, jewelry is a natural medium to tell these stories. It is a reliquary of time, our memories, and has often been a talisman throughout history.

Nature, landscape, and environment are also fundamental to my inspiration. Universal and primal themes run through the forms, textures, and shapes of my work, evoking an intuitive and instinctual response.

Metal continues to mentor me and as my work evolves, I am interested in movement, connection, space, and disconnection. It is both poetic and paradoxical that within the permanence and structure of metal, it can be fluid; within the contrasts and tension there is balance. The relationships can be tenuous, but contingent on each other.

Alyssa Sineni is an artist, metalsmith, and published poet. Alyssa is a member of the Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange, The Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh, and The Pittsburgh Society of Artists. In addition, she works as the Director of Programming and Community Outreach for Art and Inspiration, a non-profit, which celebrates artists and writers. Alyssa graduated from Buffalo State College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Design with a Concentration in Metals/Jewelry and from Slippery Rock University with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.

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