Anthony Magnetti



My functional work is about producing the most beautiful pieces I can with function at their core. I want my work to be cherished by its owners, not just admired visually, but hopefully so good and intriguing that the owners have to touch the pieces and use them. I want my pots on the table, in the sink, and definitely in the hand. My non-utilitarian sculptural work is about the unity resulting from a bold form lending its body to the wood-fire kiln’s atmosphere. I strive to create a deep and humble surface that makes any viewer take a second glance, ultimately becoming seduced by the work.

My goals for this residency will focus on furthering my understanding of wood-fire methods and techniques, exploring new surfaces as well as refining my personal practices and techniques. I'm interested in living, working and conversing with other ceramic artists and hope to find inspiration in the surrounding environment, hopefully becoming a part of the Mendocino community.

The depth of information ceramics offers is endless to the curious. I want to nurture a growing level of understanding and ultimately to produce a strong portfolio for future graduate studies.

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