Jacque Adams

Jacque Adams

Jacque Adams

JACQUE ADAMS, ceramics

I am interested in the relationship between chaos and order. Combined, the juxtaposition of these aspects play off of one another for balance, creating a cohesive design. I explore the push and pull of the two through decorative surfaces.

I create bulbous forms covered in pattern that protrude from the walls. Together shape and decoration create movement throughout the piece. I strive to mirror the structural pattern and grouping seen in nature through my decoration. The chaotic aspects reference organic matter, bacteria, fungus, and decay. The pattern comes through the idea of creating order through repetition. To me, repetition of a single unit allows something small to become stronger and more prominent.

I exercise playfulness in my decorative technique with bright colors atop the white porcelain. The white surface which acts as a blank canvas allows for dramatization of the pattern and texture. I primarily work with underglazes. The painterly technique transports me back to my childhood, painting flowers and landscapes alongside my mother.

While at the Mendocino Art Center I will be focusing on the many variations of porcelain; including paper clay, slip casting, and the effect of atmospheric firings on different clay bodies. I will be incorporating surface design into my work using underglaze painting, and decals. 



Jacque Adams is an emerging ceramic artist focusing on the surface design on various types of porcelain. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where she spent most of her youth painting with oils. She received her BFA from The Ohio State University. She is currently in her first residency at the Mendocino Art Center.