Jacque Adams

Jacque Adams

JACQUE ADAMS, ceramics
2016/17 Artist in Residence

Jacque’s work explores porcelain, mold making, painting, repetition, multiples through installation, and atmospheric firing techniques. Much of her work is inspired by nature; from microbiology to the landscape and everything in between. The Northern California coastal views have become a dominant influence shown through her functional ware. She evokes these references through painting, pattern, and texture. Apart from creating functional ware Jacque creates installation work that hangs from the wall. These pieces are slip casted and arranged in a repetitive manner that mimics the form itself. The repetition found within form and surface design help to identify the phenomenon of iteration. Creating multiples through this manner helps to understand design, structure, and form.

Jacque Adams is an emerging ceramic artist. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where she spent most of her youth painting with oils. She is currently a second year Artist in Resident at the Mendocino Art Center in Mendocino, California. She holds a Bachelors of a Fine Art in Ceramics from The Ohio State University.

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Jacque Adams    Jacque Adams

Jacque's workshops at the Mendocino Art Center

Jacque Adams

Instructor: Jacque Adams
May 4–7, 2017

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