John Ward
Heart Attack Drawing

John Ward
The Rock Sleep-Over

John Ward
20 of '500' tiny drawings

John Ward
Mobile photo fun

JOHN WARD, fine art
2019/20 Artist in Residence

John Ward

Art, design and craft, along with doing business have been at the heart of John Ward’s life for over 60 years now. Growing old has relieved many anxieties; but it has also brought traumas that have focused his recent art making. Age and ptsd can dissolve time and take you apart. Some of the important pieces are lost; but which ones? You are left to put a new self together. It is similar to going through adolescence. Confusion and floundering reign. Advice doesn’t help. But you are alive; and eventually you’ll inhabit a very different body. You’ll be a curiously altered person; and it’ll be ok. 

Since my hiatus (I was run over by a car in a crosswalk) rocks, birds, wind, water and finding community hold my attention as an artist. Paper is my medium. I stick to the simplest most direct materials, tools, and processes. Commonplace problem solving will not do; the world needs imagery. I stay active, pay attention and take what emerges as a gift in this new chapter.

60 years of art, design and business
(my mid 20th century design ethic)

Art Making, 2013 - present
            Heart attack drawings
            The Rock Sleep-over         
            500 tiny drawings
            Mobile photo fun

Business Consulting, 1995-2017
Graphic Facilitation & Kinesthetic Modeling - using arts based methods to promote innovation, strategic planning, and leadership development in large organizations, a global practice.

Architectural Woodworking, 1977-1994 - furniture, architectural interiors and cabinetry, a 13 person design/build shop in Sonoma CA

EDUCATION, 1959-1979
            Zen practice, Sonoma Mountain Zen Center (Genjo Ji)
            MFA - Art Institute of Chicago, Photography & Sculpture 
            IIT Institute of Design, graduate photography 
            University of Chicago, graduate business
            BFA - Carnegie Mellon University, Industrial Design
            Silvermine College of Art, Saturday classes
            DAD - Raised by Jack Ward, a brilliant mid 20th century designer