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Lexi Daly


I see jewelry as an art form that amplifies the beauty of the human body. It makes the wearer feel beautiful, desired, and seen by others.  A piece of jewelry can amplify the beauty of the wearer and bring out details of the human form rarely noticed; the curve of a collar bone, or the precise color blue of the wearer’s eyes. I think of the body as my canvas and I aim to bring out the beauty, personality, joy and self esteem of the wearer.

Currently I am exploring combining my two favorite mediums, silver and woven beadwork. Since I was a child I have loved weaving jewelry with tiny glass beads called seed beads. I love the versatility of the medium, and how so many diverse cultures have used seed beads to make such incredibly different kinds of jewelry. I taught myself hundreds of stitches from cultures across the globe and now have twenty years of experience in this medium. I have extensive knowledge on traditional stitches, the history of bead weaving, and modern bead weaving techniques. I earned a BFA in jewelry design from San Jose State University. In college I fell in love with metal work and the fluid forms I can create with it, shaping it to fit the human form and reflect the natural world. 

Using both these mediums, I create large and small-scale jewelry pieces that draw attention to aspects of the human form and also emphasize the beauty of the material the jewelry is made from. I weave not only with glass beads but also with tiny gemstones and pearls. The juxtaposition of the color and texture found in the traditional woven beadwork of our ancestors, the gemstones, and modern silverwork is something I find incredibly visually satisfying. 


Lexi Daly is from Nevada City, California, and received her BFA from San Jose State University. For her BFA project Lexi created jewelry using waste from coffee shops; i.e. coffee cups, java jackets and stir sticks. The project was about creating beauty out of things we use once and throw away. The projects goal was to bring light to the environmental problems disposable products create, and at the same time showing the beauty that can come out of object we don't think twice about throwing in the garbage. Lexi continues to keep the environment a priority in her work whenever possible.

In 2011 Lexi traveled to India to teach impoverished women her bead weaving designs and created a line of fair trade jewelry. You can read about her trip and the women she worked with on her blog, Journey of Beads. This work is sold on Etsy at LexiDalyDesigns.


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