Linda Nunes

Linda Nunes

LINDA NUNES, fine art
2020 Professional Artist in Residence

Linda NunesI find joy in the coming together of cold wax or beeswax, resin and other media. I relish in and constantly wait for the next ooh-ahhhh moment where happy accidents meet planned design. The work is not about precision or perfection. It's about the fault lines and the flaws that make everything truly beautiful. My work moves between abstract and surreal, often with random representational elements creating a narrative inspired by topics of faith, current events, recovery or childhood memories.

I am a dedicated member of the Sacramento art community and an interdisciplinary artist whose addiction is encaustic. Attending workshops, curating, demonstrating, teaching and collaborating with others helps me to continually learn and grow.

Linda grew up in California's Bay Area. Her art journey began with collage, acrylic and watercolor. Linda began working with encaustic and mixed media thirteen years ago and has found her creative happy place there. Her contemporary work brings narratives to life's fault lines. She works primarily on cradled wood panels using layer upon layer of bee's wax and resin which could include up to 30 other media. Her work has been shown throughout California as well as Dallas and Santa Fe.

Linda's art degree is from CSU, Sacramento. She works from her studio in Rancho Cordova, California where she lives with her husband and a narcissistic, Jewish-Portuguese feline named Ira Solomon Nunes. Workshop information, upcoming events, and additional work can be viewed at her website.

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