Mariangela Le Thanh

Mariangela Le Thanh

2018/19 Artist in Residence

I think of my work more as a personal journal because it is created with an indefinite, self indulgent narrative and emotions in mind.

Candy Falls is a person who inhabits my paintings and prints: they are not me, but they might be someone in between me and everybody else. If I were to tell someone else’s story, it still would be Candy’s story.

Lately I’ve been interested in the relationship between Candy Falls and the outside. Somehow there is some sort of constant, hurtful incompatibility between the two. Candy has a big appetite for new experiences and emotions, and ends up taking lots of space, disrupting the peaceful flow of things, even when they have the best intentions. Through their eyes, a noble landscape is transformed into an afternoon playground or the stage for great love fantasies. Yet the landscape dictates the end of play time, when it suddenly starts raining or getting dark and cold. Suddenly Candy can feel the melancholy of many clouds passing by. During this residency I hope to create a series of work around this (to me) enigmatic relationship. This is also an excuse to stroll around beautiful Mendocino.

Mariangela Le Thanh was born in Italy to Vietnamese refugees and grew up in Saluzzo, in Piemonte. At 18 she moved to San Francisco where she obtained a BFA from the Academy of Art University with an emphasis in printmaking. She particularly enjoys working with gouache, intaglio, and stone lithography. Since graduating she’s been printing and working as a studio monitor at Max’s Garage Press in Berkeley, CA, and she’s been a participant in their East Bay Print Sale for the past four years. Mariangela has shown her work in San Francisco and the East Bay, but also nationally and internationally. Some recent exhibits include 510 All Stars Round Two at Nielsen Arts, Berkeley, CA; the 3rd Global Print; and the 9th International Printmaking Biennial in Douro, Portugal.

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