Molly Allen

Molly Allen

Molly Allen

MOLLY ALLEN, ceramics

My sculptural installations combine the relationships of animal and human traits, both physical and psychological. These mixed media installations become a dreamscape for one's subconscious. Using a variety of approaches in process and material, the sources for my content include animals, bodies of water and mapping systems of personal space and the intimate self.

My work explores the depths of the human subconscious, and the act of self-contemplation. I use animal as metaphor to show how animals can represent archetypes for human traits. I give these animals a cognitive presence. Each animal that I choose to create represents a different level of human conscious, from hyper aware to completely subconscious.

I've always been drawn to water. The feeling of how it makes you weightless and suspended. In a way it feels otherworldly, and beautifully strange, as a dream might. When I work I conjure from a world of subconscious thoughts, as if I was underwater. I start with clay and create objects through an accumulation of layers. Layers of clay, mark making, colors and concept. I find myself drawn to the multiple, creating a number of the same ceramic animals. These ‘herds’ of animals become the launching point for the final installations. I rely on my intuition when bringing objects and concepts together in my work.



Molly is an emerging sculptural ceramic artist. Originally from Summit County, Colorado, she has had her hands in clay her whole life. She completed her BFA last December at Sierra Nevada College with an emphasis in ceramics and new genres. Molly graduated as the Valedictorian of her class. Since then Molly attended an artist in residency program at Watershed center for the Ceramics Arts in Newcastle, Maine. She is now an artist in residence at Mendocino Art Center. Molly has exhibited her work nationally, and has spent summers studying ceramics in Taiwan and Japan. Ultimately; set her sights on completing a MFA program.


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