Sara Post

Sara Post

Sara Post

2018 Artist in Residence

Abstraction is a process language—concentrated and challenging, mysterious, yet direct. I love its ambiguities, that it often creates more questions than answers.

– Sara Post

SARA POST uses paint or collaged paper layered with the translucence of wax, to record and communicate experience. “Wax is about impressions, taking the forms of things and preserving them. But it is also a transitory medium, light conducting, suggestive of change.” Stillness and structure in her work are traversed by movement. Small, subtle details suggest worlds that are both defined and dissolving. “I like working with edges—ideas around walls, boundaries, tree lines, shore lines, fault lines—shifting places where change is visibly taking place.”

Sara Post studied painting at Southern Methodist University and has a Master’s degree in ceramics from Northern Arizona University. She has been a practicing artist since 1981, winning national acclaim for her glaze painted ceramic sculpture, tableware and wall works starting with inclusion in Neiman-Marcus’s ground breaking American Art Forms. Her ceramics have been exhibited in galleries across the US, including the American Craft Museum and the Smithsonian as well as in Canada, Italy and Japan. From 2002-2010 she concentrated on ceramic wall works and installations including the Cold Canyon series for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, nine pieces for Alta Bates in Berkeley, California as well as working with architect Julie Haney on numerous private installations. A printmaking residency in Italy in 2007 changed her perspective on art making and initiated a shift away from ceramics. Branching out, she designed a twenty five piece textile collection for P-B Fabrics in 2012. Experiments with encaustic led to another change: mixing oil paint with cold wax medium. She has studied with Rebecca Crowell and more recently with Lisa Pressman. Her award-winning mixed media abstract painting is represented by the Jen Tough Gallery and Sparrow Gallery. Her work is also included in the recent book Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts and Conversations by Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin.

Teaching is an important aspect of Post’s art life. She was an instructor in abstract painting and drawing at the Davis Arts Center from 2002-2016 and continues to offer retreat/workshops at the Mendocino Art Center in Mendocino, CA. She currently offers workshops and private instruction at her studio, Art 26, in Davis, California.

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