Saskia Koning

Saskia Koning

Saskia Koning

Saskia Koning


I was born in the Netherlands in 1948. In 1987 I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in s'Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) in sculpting. I worked with different materials, but soon I was fascinated by Belgian Blue stone: long ago the Belgian Ardennen was the bottom of the sea; it was pressed and pushed up to the hills where now the Blue stone is digged.

A sculpture carved by this material reveals hidden treasures from millions of years ago: fossils of shells, little sea animals and plants.

My leading theme was for a long time water: streaming, flowing water of river and sea.

Water in moving forms as a symbol of life.

Last years, due to our removal to the forest, trees are my chief theme: their meaning and connection with people.

For me they are creatures with experiences and memories; that is what my tree sculptures represent.

They are made in wax and casted in bronze.

My last project is to try to catch the spirit of the trees, for that I am working with wire-netting.

I participated in exhibitions, gave lessons in stone-carving for 11 years.

I am married, have 3 children, 3 grandchildren and 3 dogs.

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Saskia Koning