Suzanne da Rosa

Suzanne da Rosa

Suzanne da Rosa

Suzanne da Rosa

2019/20 Artist in Residence

Suzanne da RosaSuzanne da Rosa is a master lace knitter and a part of an ongoing historical study of Shetland fine lace knitting. She knits samples and garments for the Shetland Museum and Archives and test knits for well known designers from Europe.

At MAC she is documenting and recreating knitted lace patterns from the earliest published knitting books, translating the archaic knitting terms to modern day pattern language, charting, knitting and correcting errors in the original patterns. She is creating a series of new designs with the goal of publication, gallery and museum shows.

Genealogy and century old family photographs, combined with the history of craft in her family, are being explored through multi-media processes including linocut, tapestry weaving and silversmithing. Other influences include the surrounding natural world, having lived an extensive period of time in central Mexico, walking across Spain twice and not letting herself get stuck in the comfort zone.

Past projects include a national award winning community wide poetry project, Inner Graffiti - a life size painting and poetry project with girls and women, and a video documentary about the tin artisans in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

2019-2020 - Artist in Residence, Mendocino Art Center
2017-Current: Shetland Textile Museum - Replicating historic garments and stitches.
         Test knitting for designers.
2016: Exhibition of work, Shetland Museum research project show.
2014-2016: Knitting instructor, Sonoma Valley Boys & Girls Club.
2009-11: Institute Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Silver Working.
2010: Video Documentary ‘Hojalata’ exploring the history tin artistry & artisans of 
          San Miguel de Allende. Filmed, produced and edited by Suzanne.2009-2011
1996-2016 Folk Art Importer -  Dos Mujeres Mexican Folk Art, folk artist advocate,
          research and exploration of historic folk art techniques.
1998-2002 - Inner Graffiti - Writing, painting  and life workshops
1990-1994 Founder/Director Glen Ellen Community Center & Summer Art program. 
1990 - 2000 Poetry and writing, various events, chapbooks.
1990-1995 Docent, Bouverie Preserve, Glen Ellen CA. & CA State Parks.
1996 Creator of the Sonoma Valley Poetry Festival - Founder/Director.
1996 Poetry Festival gala events featuring Bill Moyers.
1971-1976 BA, Sonoma State University, School of Expressive Arts.

Lifelong: Knitting, fiber, cloth exploration, genealogy
Musical: Piano, violin and bassoon
Collector: Antique knitted lace pieces and books, Mexican folk art.

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