susan e. wood & jennie jewelry studio rentals

Photo by Larry Wagner

Daily rental – The Susan Wood Instructional Studio may be rented on a daily basis (9am – 10pm) for $35 per day, per person.

Weekly rental – The Susan Wood Instructional Studio may be rented on a weekly basis for $150 per week, per person. This is a six-day week during which renter is provided a key.

Monthly bench rental – The South Side Studio has individual benches and a locking locker are provided for monthly rent of $350 per person. If a six-month commitment is made, rent is $275 per month.

• Interested renters must obtain rental agreement from Nancy Gardner –

• A calendar posted on our web site and on Facebook will have days and times of studio availability. The studio will not be available during jewelry workshops and events. We will also e-mail out the calendar by the first of each month to those interested.

• Prior experience is necessary for use of all equipment and studio tools.

• Each renter must be briefed on standard studio safety practices upon first studio usage.

• All renters must be 16 years or older or accompanied by an adult.

• Renters may receive up to a 50% discount on classes offered during the month they are registered for studio rental. This will be available only after there are six regular tuition students signed up and will be based on a first come, first served basis.

• INCLUDED, soldering station, gases and fluxes, pickling facility, buffing area and buffing compounds, hydraulic press, electro forming, pmc kilns, enamels kilns, rolling mills, anvils, assorted stakes, hammers, repoussé equipment, bench vises, draw plates, assorted hand tools, such as files, saw frames, punches, dapping tools, PUK mini arc welder. Casting equipment (kiln, centrifuge, investing vacuum) can only be used by Renter who has exhibited sufficient experience to Jewelry Coordinator, Nancy Gardner, or with the pre-arranged aid of a casting Monitor.

• NOT INCLUDED: metals, solders, saw blades, sand paper, enamels, glues, resins, casting plaster.

• ALL above equipment and facilities are available for use ONLY to Renter.

For more information regarding jewelry studio rentals, please contact Jewelry Coordinator/Studio Manager Nancy Gardner, 707-972-4178.