25th anniversary coast garden tour

Saturday, June 24, 2017, 10 am – 5 pm


Stained Glass Garden

25th Anniversary Mendocino Coast Garden Tour

I inherited this beautiful well-established garden from a former long-term resident of Mendocino, stained glass artist Leone McNeil Zimmer. You can see some of her stained glass artwork in the back garden. Moving here was difficult. And one of the main reasons it was difficult for me to leave my own garden. I had a beautiful garden so when I was looking at homes in Mendocino and I was shown this one, I thought to myself, “It’s wonderful to know that while I’ll be leaving my garden back home, I’ll be entering a new place with an established garden.”

All my previous gardens have been what I call “process gardens,” because they’re not shade gardens, herb gardens, or this kind of garden or that kind of garden, they’re always in process and they’re always changing.

Sometimes I want more blue in one corner or another. More red over in another corner. Sometimes I want more height near the fence. Sometimes plants get too big for the space. I’m constantly moving things around – they are never done. They are always changing and in process.

25th Anniversary Mendocino Coast Garden Tour







Mendocino Coast Garden Tour
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