26th Annual coast garden tour

Saturday, June 30, 2018, 10 am – 5 pm


Village Garden

26th Annual Mendocino Coast Garden Tour

How does one who knows next to nothing about gardening end up on the Mendocino Art Center’s Mendocino Coast Garden Tour? Well, I’ve been blessed with an expert landscaper, appropriately named “Lichen,” and his excellent helper Oscar. In the last three years this garden has been transformed. Futile wars with gophers, raccoons and squirrels made us rethink former plans – we needed to make this garden much less interesting to the local critters.

Sadly, we took out our little pool the raccoons loved so much. Next down came the suet cage that fed the winter birds. Our bird feeder was finally defeated by the largest and most persistent squirrel we have ever encountered. I watched from the kitchen window one morning as the once lovely feeder bit the dust.

A new landscape of meandering gravel paths, with a focal point of chartreuse phormium surrounded by a variety of grevilleas, quickly took shape. In one corner of the garden, under a graceful cotoneaster one may now sit in a quiet resting place. Dahlia trees were added this year to fill in and create background for a female sculpture, finger to lips, asking us to please be quiet and listen to the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, and watch the butterflies wafting from flower to flower. The succulents have taken over the space where the pool used to be. From the deck, all can be viewed while enjoying lunch or a good glass of wine.

10 am to 12 pm:
The Windjammers Recorder Trio will perform in the garden.







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Mendocino Coast Garden Tour