27th Annual coast garden tour

Saturday, June 29, 2019, 10 am – 5 pm


Fauna, Flora & Food

27th Annual Mendocino Coast Garden Tour

We grow most of our own food in a seven-year-old organic garden and share the extras with family, friends, and our local food bank. A greenhouse is full of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and basil in the summer, and greens in the winter. Recently we added growing trees from seed to replace our many dead and dying pines. Due to our remote location we decided to go off grid for our electrical power. We have a 4 kw photovoltaic array on our roof, a 1.5 kw wind turbine, a 48 volt battery system, and 110/220 volt inverters. Our Heath, Heather and Friend's garden in front of our home is lovingly pruned by our resident deer, rabbits, turkeys and assorted local scoundrels. We maintain 20 birdhouses, several feeders and baths which bring in many birds, and a bee house for native, mason and orchard bees, keep the gardens humming.







Mendocino Coast Garden Tour
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Mendocino Coast Garden Tour