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March 29 – April 23, 2017

2nd Saturday Gallery Reception: April 8, 5 pm – 8 pm
The Mendocino Art Center hosts a free Second Saturday Artists Reception each month. Enjoy snacks and wine, and meet the exhibiting artists.

Michael Lott
The Ebb and Flow of Self-Discovery

Michael Lott, Incantations of a Soundless Dawn
"Incantations of a Soundless Dawn"


"My work is created as a voice for the blossoming spiritual awareness within our global culture, to celebrate the great mystery of nature, and to simply share with others my unique perspective on life. 

“Culturally speaking, my work aims to bring awareness to a major shift that is taking place on a planetary scale. Every facet of our lives is being called into question, from our use of energy, to our food, to our spirituality, to our relationship with one another and the Earth. There is a growing counter-culture of people who are serving as trail-blazers, leaving behind the old paradigm they have been brought up in in order to explore newer, more harmonious and progressive ways of living. My work embodies the nature of this counter-culture through its intuitive foundations, its celebration of freedom, and its exploration of symbolic richness.

“I also draw inspiration from the aliveness, vitality, and diversity of nature. In looking at nature from one perspective, there seems to be such randomness and chaos, yet from a broader perspective, there is an organic harmony and balance – a living, breathing yin and yang. I am very intrigued by the pull of this dynamic between chaos and harmony, and I allow it to express itself through my work. My observation of this balance, and the exploration of it through my work has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of my relationship with life.

“Creating these pieces is a way for me to go deeply into myself – it is a meditation, a form of prayer. As I create each piece, I discover that they each have their own personality, and they each become a different teacher with their own set of lessons. At the core of it, the creation of my work plays an important function in my life as a spiritual practice. It has become a way for me to learn more acutely about my own process of Self-unfoldment. 

“As I explore the mysteries of nature and the depth of my own beingness through the creation of this art, it is my intention that what is expressing itself through me functions as a signpost for others, speaking to them of the incredible mystery and beauty of their own Self-discovery."

— Michael Lott


Michael Lott, The Memory of Where We've Always Been
"The Memory of Where We've Always Been"

Michael Lott, With You Always
"With You Always"


Michael LottMICHAEL LOTT is an intuitive abstract artist whose work is heavily inspired by humanity's movement towards spiritual integration, the dynamics found within nature, and by the worlds opened up to him via dreams and the collective unconscious. The unique style that Michael's work takes on is inspired by synesthesia, a "condition" in which Michael's senses overlap and he perceives music and sound visually as a flowing, interwoven dance of colors and abstract patterns. Michael believes that his work holds rich subconscious symbolism, and that it can be seen as a foreign yet universally familiar language. 

Michael's work is created using acrylic brush and acrylic pen on canvas.


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