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Second Saturday Gallery Reception: April 14, 5 pm – 8 pm
The Mendocino Art Center hosts a free Second Saturday Artists Reception each month. Enjoy snacks and wine, and meet the exhibiting artists.

April 4–29, 2018

Michael Wilson & Susan Spencer
The Beat Gallery – Art of Merz

Michael Wilson, Add it Up
Michael Wilson, "Add it Up"
Susan Spencer, Universal Mind
Susan Spencer, "Universal Mind"

The term ‘Merz’ was coined by Kurt Schwitters in 1918, describing his use of scavenged scrap materials for art. We use bits and pieces of salvage much the same way in our works; art that is not common, yet made from common objects.

Our materials are simple: rust and metal, wood and plastic, paper and paint.

For us, the art of assemblage has infinite possibilities for combination and expression. When we work in the studio time feels different, days seem like hours and hours seem like minutes. This is a true indication of our passion. You never know how each story will begin or end. Each object’s story comes together in an art piece to give it a new history.

Michael Wilson, Trench Art



The son of a well-known animator and artist, Michael grew up in a creative environment that proved a lifelong influence. Michael took art classes taught by professors from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. With this training, his family background in art, and his relationship with Ferus Gallery artists, he has been handed a baton to carry forward a never-ending art project that allows creative ideas to flourish.

Collecting the items he uses in his work from antique and junk stores, and online auctions, he finds it inspiring to give old objects a new life as he works in his ranch studio overlooking Anderson Valley. What may look like a series of broken pieces in front of you will ultimately grow to become an ‘Assemblage.’ As with much art there is a series of readjustments, while at other times there may be simultaneous harmony where everything comes into play quite rapidly. Oftentimes mistakes in the joining of objects that are different can lead you on a new path creating a “happy” mistake. This is the adventure in the evolution of the making of Assemblage Art, like a poetic development. Common objects begin to form the dynamic of a certain cohesion with a new life for these discards and found objects.

Susan Spencer, Raw


Self taught

Co-owner of The Beat Gallery in Ukiah, CA. Participated in West Coast Assemblage Show and Mixed-Up Media Show in Ukiah

Participated in the construction of our new studios and participated in local shows

Contributing artist for Rural Health Rocks and Construction Zone group show at Grace Hudson Museum, Ukiah

Contributing artist Rural Health Rocks and named ‘Artist/Craftsman Extraordinaire’ for partner collaboration in The Influence and Inspiration Project by American Craft Week

Professional Affiliations
• Fluxus/Merz Art Assemblage Movement of California
• Museum of Found Objects, Cypress, California
• Fluxus Museum, Santa Ana, California
• Kurt Schwitters Fan Club
• Hank D: “Nada-I never finish anything” San Diego, California

Susan Spencer and Michael Wilson, Mendocino Arts magazine