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May 3–27, 2018

Beth Changstrom
Seeing Flowers
Space / Color / Line

Beth Changstrom
Beth Changstrom

I know/believe that in life, you see what you want to see.

I make art that emphasizes what I find to be beautiful, luscious, and that I can see in front of me; and in so doing my life becomes more rich and meaningful. To look, to see – it’s a visceral experience.

A still life might to some seem redundant; to me it’s the flesh and bones of life experience. I see compositions everywhere and I delight in this part of me. I am richer for it.

May I quote the Jazz singer Cecile McLorin Salvant – “I don’t want that desperation in my work – ‘Look, look at this! I’ve worked hard at this!’ I want to be natural and free and adventurous. Desperation is a young person’s thing – I’m not thinking ‘what can I be?’ I’m getting too old for that shit!”

— Beth Changstrom

Beth Changstrom
Beth Changstrom

I received my BA from Scripps College in 1965; and my MFA degree from the Claremont Graduate School in 1969.

Since graduating I have worked as a studio artist, making functional and sculptural ceramics until the mid 1990’s; and since then have worked exclusively on my drawing and painting.

My work is represented in collections across the U.S.; and I have exhibited both in the U.S. and abroad.

I have taught both workshops and in the California State Junior College system.

I was co-founder of the Susan Cummins Gallery, and a partner and Operations Director from 1984 through 1996.

In a lifetime immersed in the making of art and craft one develops a huge repertoire of skills – both visual and physical. It can be hard to harness them, sort of like getting a herd of wild horses to all go in one direction. But the moments when you are able to do this are hugely satisfying.

My close to 30 years working in the clay world included using my painting skills – both as embellishments to my pots and later in assemblage that included both clay and two dimensional images. Gradually I became more and more drawn to making art exclusively in two dimensions.

My painting has much in common with my clay work; striking color most of all, but also the consideration of the space where two shapes come together; line, shadow, contour. Overlay, texture; contrasts in pattern, space, color and line.

I am fortunate to be able to live my dream of being an artist, and my work gives me tremendous joy every day.

Currently I live in San Francisco and Penngrove (Sonoma County).

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