gallery ten


2nd Saturday Gallery Reception: December 13, 5 pm – 8 pm

December 1–30, 2014

Ann Myers & Mollie Flack


Ann Meyers
"Pacific Sunset," oil on linen

Ann Myers has been drawing and painting since she was a child growing up in Vermont. Ann, being largely self-taught, began painting in oils when she was 16. Ann studied art at Shasta and Chabot colleges while working as a graphic artist for Pacific Bell Telephone Co.

Ann has always loved the challenge of learning new mediums and techniques and says, “I have a passion for painting and am inspired by the play of light and shadow.”

Ann Meyers
"Dogwood Partners," oil on canvas

Her style of Romantic Realism allows her paintings of flowers, figures and scenes to come alive. Ann captures nostalgic moments of times gone by painting old boats, harbors and buildings in towns that are weathering gracefully.

Ann Myers is a successful artist in northern California. She has had several solo shows in the Redding area, where she has taught painting and given workshops. She is a member of the Grand View Fine Arts Society, North Valley Art League and the Shasta County Arts Council.

Ann says, “As an artist, I want to share my love of painting the beauty of Northern California and the Pacific Coast, and if the viewer feels this than my reason for painting is fulfilled.”

Ann Meyers
"Tommy's Marine," oil on linen


Mollie Flack
"Headland Arch," oil on linen

Mollie’s interest in art began when, as a young girl on the farm in Ohio, she would spend hours sitting backwards on her horse with a sketchpad, drawing the other horses in the pasture. 

In 1975, Mollie and her family moved to Alaska where the raw and inspiring beauty of the wilderness encouraged her love for art and nature. Mollie began basic painting in oils in 1983. Because of her remote location, formal art lessons were not an option. So her mom, books, observation, and trial and error were her teachers.

Mollie Flack
"Autumn on the Rio Grande," oil on linen

Over the years, through workshops and lessons, Dalhart Windberg, Mary Carole Larsen, Dorothy Dent, and Stefan Bauman have been amazing mentors to her. She also taught painting intermittently in Alaska, Georgia and California.

Mollie has been represented in galleries in Georgia, New Mexico, Northern California, and Alaska. Her work has been juried and chosen by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta as part of a travelling exhibition with the Southern Crescent Alliance of Visual Arts. She held several commissions for her artwork, including landscape and portraiture, and is currently working on portraits of significant church leaders for an historic library/museum collection.

Mollie, who has long treasured the gift of painting, says, “As an artist, I consider myself a pursuer of light and a recorder of historically significant people and places. I am passionate about creating life and beauty in the artistic process. It is almost as if the brush moving on canvas is conveying the song that is in my heart, expressing the trilling notes, melodies, and nuances for others to see and enjoy.”

Mollie Flack
"Noyo Relic," oil on linen