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April 27 – May 28, 2017

2nd Saturday Gallery Reception: May 13, 5 pm – 8 pm
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Richard Weiss
The Art of Richard Weiss
Solo Exhibition of Pop Art Surrealism
Paintings, film and animation

Richard Weiss, Sri Mona
"Sri Mona," mixed media on wood,
18" x 19".

Richard Weiss, Mona Li San
"Mona Li San," mixed media on wood,
18" x 19".

The common thread present in all of my work is a joyful playfulness. My work puts the viewer, whatever their age, back in touch with some childhood feelings. I have seen individuals entering my exhibit with family members, obviously not wanting to be there, and within seconds, their attitude changes. Their eyes lighten up and their facial expression is transformed. They are obviously enjoying themselves.

My paintings are interactive, and require a participation from the viewer. There is a playful inter-action taking place.

I place cultural icons and other elements of contemporary popular culture into a new context to illustrate thought provoking social, political or cultural issues.

In my kinetic art, the image changes depending on your relative position to the painting. The gallery visitors are seen playfully walking back and forth in front of the painting to witness the transformations of the image.

In other paintings, the viewer can physically transform the overall image into a myriad of possibilities.

My work is extremely detailed, packed with hidden whimsical information that can only reveal itself upon scrutiny.

Using a bright palette, I paint in acrylic on multi-faceted wood structures.


Richard Weiss, The King and the Duke
"The King & The Duke," acrylic on wood panel, "22 x 37".


Richard Weiss
"Portrait Richard Weiss," ink on paper,
created in collaboration with Richard's wife,
artist Carolyn Hagopjan.

Prior to relocating to the Mendocino Coast, I traveled through several continents, performing as a musician and singer-songwriter in Europe and Africa.  

I created jingles and film soundtracks in France and the USA, notably Alejandro Jodorowsky’s film Tusk.

I came to America for the US release of my album Dedicace, andfell in love with California. Relocating from Paris, France, to Los Angeles, I quickly moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I produced bands of different genres on stage and in recording studios.

I free-lanced as a graphic artist, and created Chemical Syndrome a music video presented in North America, Europe and Asia, and played guitar in the Bay Area improv band These Are Not My Hands.

I wrote and directed the feature film THE BOOK: They Came From Inner Space, a kitsch sci-fi, winner of 13 awards.

Video presentation of
“The Art of Richard Weiss”

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Richard Weiss Cover, Mendocino Arts Magazine
Mendocino Arts Magazine
Spring/Summer 2017

Cover Artwork: Richard Weiss,
"Our Lady Mona"

Read about Richard Weiss in Mendocino Arts magazine's spring/summer 2017 issue

"Making Art We Dance to"
by Michael Potts

Richard Weiss, Mendocino Arts Magazine   Richard Weiss, Mendocino Arts Magazine


Richard Weiss, The Empire
"The Empire," acrylic on wood, 50" x 50"


Richard Weiss, The Book

Free screenings of
The Book: They Came from Inner Space

Saturday, May 20, at 4pm
Mendocino Art Center
45200 Little Lake Street, Mendocino

Saturday, May 27, at 7pm
Tim Carmody Art Gallery
324 N. Franklin Street, Fort Bragg


Trailer of The Book
View on YouTube

The Book
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Richard Weiss, Mon and Nef
"Mon' and Nef'" mixed media on wood, 18" x 38".