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Second Saturday Gallery Reception & Holiday Celebration:
December 10, 5pm–8pm

December 2016


More than 20 northern California artists participate in a mixed media/collage showing, including a variety of sculptural works and paintings.



Jerry Ross Barrish

For almost 30 years I have collected found objects, mostly plastic, to create figurative assemblage/constructions. I work with industrial hot glue and screws to secure the objects to each other, making figures, animals, birds. The materials are the lowest caste in the hierarchy of debris, but I continue to find inspiration in them. I studied filmmaking at San Francisco Art Institute, receiving a BFA and MFA in the 1970’s. The documentary “Plastic Man, the artful life of Jerry Ross Barrish,” directed by William Farley, produced by Janis Plotkin, tells about my life as a filmmaker, sculptor, bail bondsman.  

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Jerry Ross Barrish

I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, where I started my artistic life as a self-taught photographer with my work published in photography magazines in the 60’s and again in the 80’s. Today I make assemblages from a massive collection of materials, mostly wooden pieces, but also metal, paper, textiles and sometimes my own photos. Most of the stuff comes from flea markets, garage sales, salvage places, antique stores, etc. I am the hunter/gatherer always looking; streets, sidewalks, gutters, hoping to score. Some items are masterpieces, thanks to a hundred years of neglect in an attic trunk, too many moves or smashed by a set of truck tires or just weather. In its new incarnation it has taken on an unexpected abstract beauty. Those are my materials and my inspiration together with my love of folk and outsider art. Odd is good.


Mary-Ellen Campbell

Mary-Ellen Campbell is a multidisciplinary artist who does graphics, painting, sculpture, printmaking, book arts, and mixed media work. She has had 17 national/international solo exhibitions and participated in over 80 group and invitational shows. She is Professor of Art Emerita from New Jersey University, NJ, where she taught for 30 years. In 2004-05 she was awarded the Fulbright Scholar Grant to teach Book Arts in Thailand. Her works are in many special collections across the country. Mary-Ellen won 12 residencies since 2007 in Finland, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Costa Rica, Colorado, North Carolina, California and Minnesota, creating more than 75 books and mixed media artworks.

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Miriam Davis

Collage and assemblage offer the opportunity to compose and recompose shape and color, and play with overall patterning. My paintings and three-dimensional structures are the product of an additive method, a piling up of color, line, and detail. The little houses and towers are made of corrugated cardboard, wire, old lace, and found objects of all sorts. These structures may be lookout, retreat, storeroom, or altar. They satisfy something in me that loves the intimacy and magic of big things made very small.

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Mark Eanes

Mark Eanes is a painter, printmaker, photographer, curator, and educator who has spent the last 20 years living and working in Benicia, California. Eanes has shown his paintings throughout California as well as nationally and internationally. He has also had solo exhibitions at the Parsons School of Design in Paris, the Patricia Sweetow and Michael Dunev Galleries in San Francisco, Fairfield Center for the Arts, Dominican College in San Rafael, the Mill Valley Arts Commission Gallery, and the Hanford Center for the arts.

Eanes' works have been included in shows at the Santa Clara Museum of Art, San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art’s artist gallery, the Etra Gallery in Miami, the Ruth Bacofner Gallery in Los Angeles, and the San Paulo Biennale, among others. Eanes' work is in numerous private and corporate collections, nationally and internationally.

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Joann Hagerty Humphrey

The organic forms found in nature have always inspired me. The spontaneous temperament of clay has allowed me to create one of a kind, in-the-moment pieces that reflect that free, organic quality and movement that I am after. I love the controlled formation of a thrown shape coupled to the surprises of the hand built form, a combination that allows each piece to take on its own character and qualities.
Living in a continuous panorama of history, landscapes and stories inspires these new free-form carved vessels. These vessels are my collection of stories to be shared with the viewer. Each piece represents a journey I am willing to take and the best expression of a medium I have grown to admire.

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Cat Kaufman is a mixed media artist in the SOFA Arts District of Santa Rosa, CA. A former teacher and nonprofit director, she has been a full time artist since 2007. A juried member of Sonoma County Art Trails and Art Basel Miami, Cat shows her work and teaches classes in her studio in Sonoma County.

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Rachel Lahn

My paintings and relief constructions are about movement flowing into shapes of color and light. They are reflections of my feelings, travels, and countless transitions. My work is influenced by the beauty of the land and sea where I live, in Mendocino County, California, and by the dramatic colors of Maui and the Big Island, where I visit.

I like my work to speak for itself... not too many words. I build abstract relief constructions out of canvas, with mixed media on canvas. I paint them with acrylic paint. Once started they take on a life of their own. They usually tell and show me what to do. When I need shape and color inspiration for a piece, I go outside and absorb the life and light in the plants, Redwood trees, mountains, ocean and sunlight that surround me. I paint and draw the energies and shapes that are nature.

I have been painting since my childhood. I hold a BFA in Painting and Printmaking and an MAT from the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. 

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Pavlos Mayakis

Pavlos Seidenberg Mayakis is a former advertising and small business consultant. He holds an M.F.A. – Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College, a B.S. from Skidmore College, and a certificate in Weaving/Textiles from Mendocino College. Mayakis has taught programs at schools, museums, regional arts and crafts centers and at peer-attended venues including Convergence, the international biennial conference of Handweavers and Spinners, sponsored by the Handweaver’s Guild of America. 

Pavlos has lived or spent extended periods of time in Peru, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Israel. He is the Fiber Arts Coordinator at the Mendocino Art Center, and is on the faculty at Mendocino College and serves on the board of Pacific Textile Arts. His work has been shown in galleries in the United States and internationally, and his ARTscarves have been sold at resort and museum gift shops including the Smithsonian's Renwick gallery.

Pavlos is the 2016 recipient of the Educator Champion of the Arts Award – Arts Council of Mendocino.

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Molly Perez

Originally from Sacramento, California, I was raised in a house of an art curator and collector. My mother supervised exhibitions for Contemporary California Native American Art. I received a split emphasis degree in sculpture and painting from California State University Chico. After being accepted into the BFA program I left school before completing it. I was restless and wanted to pursue life and art outside academia. My process begins with salvaging material. I collect vintage books, newsprint, wallpaper, discarded art and scrapbooks; some of which contain century old paper. I rip, tear and cut each piece deliberately to construct the image. This process allows me to work intuitively with an immediate and raw quality. I share a business with another creative and life long friend. Our shop, JaM JAr, is an extension of my studio and retail space in Santa Rosa’s Arts District. I am a wife and mother living in Healdsburg, California, in a fixer on the hill… Here I draw upon my inspiration from Nature and daily life.

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Arlene Reiss

Arlene Reiss has been an exhibiting artist for over 40 years. Her work is abstract and intuitively based. She is a founding partner and currently exhibiting member of Partners Gallery in Fort Bragg, CA. She is also the Fine Art Coordinator at the Mendocino Art Center as well as a Board Member of Art Explorers, an art organization for developmentally disabled adults.


Colleen Schenck

Colleen is an artist and art educator, working primarily in metal. She has a B.A. in studio art and a M.F.A. in Jewelry and Metalwork. She has exhibited her work in Arizona, Mexico, the Bay Area and Mendocino County. Her hand crafted jewelry and small-scale sculpture combine precious and non-precious metals to contrast color and texture. Ancient and historical art forms as well as her personal life influence her wearable, one of a kind jewelry. Her small-scale sculptures combine metalworking skills with an interest in historical architecture and archetypal forms. Her mixed media assemblages and collages continue her interest in historic images and artifacts, items from nature, and family relationships.


Susan Spencer

A self-described “voracious student” of Assemblage, its history, and its major practitioners, Susan Spencer shares her home and studio with her husband, Michael Wilson. Sometimes collaborating, but both prolific individually, Susan and Michael actively promote the medium of Assemblage through their various websites and blogs. Past endeavors include the operation of The Beat Gallery in Ukiah, which featured fine contemporary art.

Susan did not study art formally, but has a background in the fundamentals of the art process. Her immersion in the history of the Assemblage Movement enables her to understand the work and process of others in the field, and enriches her own efforts of self-expression through the medium. Her interest in Assemblage sprang initially from her intrigue with Surrealism, and the work of Robert Rauschenberg, Bruce Conner, Joseph Cornell, Louise Bourgeois, and Marcel Duchamp. Susan admires the ability of thee artists to create new meaning through use of both abstract and ordinary manufactured objects. Susan absolutely considers her own work to be Assemblage Art, and adheres to the same guidelines as other artists working in other media: namely design, contrast, color, palette, form, and texture.

For Susan, a work usually starts aesthetically. Selecting two objects that want to be “together,” she builds up the work in layers of abstraction, with the hoped-for result being a somewhat coherent story that reflects who she is. She feels if that holds true, it will be a coherent story for her viewer as well. She additionally hopes that this story or message may spark a conversation between herself (the artist), and her audience.

Both Susan and Michael collect all manner of objects with interesting forms and textures, and that have particular subject interest for them. As an example, Susan notes that she likes collecting images on paper of biblical paintings – mostly because of the era they evoke rather than for any emotional ties. However, she adds that those images are often emotionally moving for her viewer. Donations from friends, and finds at antique stores, eBay, etsy, used bookstores, and junk stores provide the bulk of Susan’s materials.


A native of Northern California, Jennifer Taylor studied at the Fashion Institute of Design in Los Angeles before moving to Paris, France in 1979, where she was based for over twenty years.

Collage is not only Jennifer’s medium as an artist; it best describes her life. She’s travelled extensively throughout the world and has also lived in Spain and New York City. She has worked as a fashion model, singer/songwriter and is now working as an artist between her main studio that is located in the Sequoia forests of Mendocino, California, and her studio in Ibiza, Spain.  She’s something of a gatherer, collecting the salvages of her ever- changing surroundings and experiences, ultimately making sense and order of the physical, psychological and super natural components of her constantly expanding existence.

Jennifer has been prodigious in the exhibition of her works. Notably, she received an award for her piece “Coltrane” at the New York City JVC Jazz Festival Exhibition, and critical acclaim from the prestigious “La Gazette de L’Hotel Drout” for both of her exhibitions at the Galerie Adler in Paris, France. Jennifer was also invited to exhibit in the halls of the United Nations in New York City and at the world renowned Museo Vittoriano in Rome, Italy.

She has also done installations at Gallagher’s Art and Fashion Gallery in Manhattan, and for the famous French designer Catherine Malandrino’s Soho store. Her works are in private collections throughout the world.

Jennifer’s adventures have not been confined to objects and exotic geographic locales; the people she has met along the way have provided both inspiration and guidance. She credits her ex-husband Jean Pierre Rives, the sculptor and legendary Captain of the French rugby team with immersing her into the world of art and introducing her to her mentor, the abstract painter Ladislas Kijno.

The works being exhibited at the Richard Martin Art in Sydney in November are a mix of previous and present day works.


Michael Wilson

The son of a well-known animator and artist, Michael grew up in a creative environment that proved a lifelong influence. Michael took art classes taught by professors from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. With this training, his family background in art, and his relationship with Ferus Gallery artists he has been handed a baton to carry forward a never-ending art project that allows creative ideas to flourish. Collecting the items he uses in his work from Antique and junk stores, and online auctions, he find it inspiring to give old objects a new life as he works in his ranch studio overlooking Anderson Valley. What may look like a series of broken pieces in front of you will ultimately grow to become an ‘Assemblage.’ As with much art there is a series of readjustments, while at other times there may be simultaneous harmony where everything comes into play quite rapidly. Oftentimes mistakes in the joining of objects that are different can lead you on a new path creating a “happy” mistake. This is the adventure in the evolution of the making of Assemblage Art, like a poetic development. Common objects begin to form the dynamic of a certain cohesion with a new life for these discards and found objects.


Susan B Wood

Susan B Wood was born and raised in Vermont, holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University as well as degrees from Green Mountain College in Vermont and New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

Susan has recently returned to the Mendocino Coast to resume her full time studio work after spending time first in Florida, and most recently Vermont, designing several properties for use as artists’ living and work spaces. During her time away from California Susan also received two unique opportunities to travel. She was awarded a position as an International Exchange Artist in Indonesia on the island of Java; living and working in the compound of two internationally known batik artists, and she traveled in China and Mongolia where she lived during the winter with a family of nomads. 

Many remember Susan’s popular hand painted velvet clothing and silk screened home accessories lines, “SBW:fine textiles”  which were produced on the Mendocino Coast and marketed nationally.

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