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2nd Saturday Gallery Reception: October 11, 5 pm – 8 pm

October 1–29, 2014

Ilja Tinfo
oil, acrylic, wood, and found and recycled objects

Ilja Tinfo
"Rocks at Joshua Tree," oil on canvas


"My work is about making images, most of which come about by experimentation (creating something from “nothing”). As paint is pushed around, shapes are suggested and developed. Discovery, change and invention begin. Many of these paintings are enigmatic. Viewers can “read” into them what they want. I am very eclectic and work in different “styles,” from realism to non-objective abstraction, and a combination of the two in one piece. I also do 3-D work, shaping and painting wood and other recycled material into wall hangings and freestanding objects. So it is what it is. This show brings it all together under one roof. I am hoping that people will see the “thread” and connect the dots."

— Ilja Tinfo

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Ilja Tinfo, Swirl
"Swirl," oil on panel
Ilja Tinfo, Leap of Faith
"Leap of Faith," oil on canvas


Ilja Tinfo, Lips III Angie
"Lips III, Angie," oil on canvas