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March 29 – April 23, 2017

2nd Saturday Gallery Reception: April 8, 5 pm – 8 pm
The Mendocino Art Center hosts a free Second Saturday Artists Reception each month. Enjoy snacks and wine, and meet the exhibiting artists.

Mendocino Art Center's
Instructors Showcase

The Mendocino Art Center's Instructors Showcase features artwork by a selection of artists – Jacque Adams, Cliff Glover, Wayne Jiang, Evelyn Klein and David Weitzman – who will be teaching classes this spring and summer at the Mendocino Art Center. The Art Center offers more than 150 classes annually in ceramics, fiber arts, fine art, jewelry and sculpture.

Jacque Adams

Jacque will be teaching:

May 4–7, 2017
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JACQUE ADAMS is a Ceramic artist. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where she spent most of her youth painting with oils. She is currently a second year Artist in Resident at the Mendocino Art Center in Mendocino, California. She holds a Bachelor of a Fine Art in Ceramics from The Ohio State University.

"My work explores porcelain, paper clay, multiples and installation. I find that nature is a prominent reference and inspiration to my creation. From microbiology to the landscape, my forms become biomorphic echoing growth and decay. The Northern California coastal views have become a dominate influence that I constantly reference, from the clusters of flower buds found along the cliffs edge that bloom year round, to the many varieties of mushrooms found within the dense woodlands. These forms inspire my work through creating multiples. The repetition of form is created by using molds. Creating multiples through this manner helps to understand design, structure, and form. This rhythmic assemblage helps to identify the phenomenon of iteration."

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Cliff Glover

Cliff will be teaching:

May 18–21, 2017
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June 19–24, 2017
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August 23–26, 2017
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CLIFF GLOVER began studying ceramics in earnest back in 1989, while still working as an editor for Nevada Magazine. In 1991, he moved to California and enrolled in an advanced ceramics program at the Mendocino Art Center. After completion, Cliff and his partner, Marion Miller, opened a studio and gallery in Albion, California, and began earning a living with their chosen craft.

In the ‘90s, they also began studying the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Chanoyu, with Dr. Shozo Sato, learning how Taoist and Buddhist philosophy is expressed in the simple act of serving tea. The lessons were invaluable for gaining a deeper appreciation for ceramics as well as Japanese culture.

These days Cliff sells his work through his own studio/gallery; as well as through the Highlight Gallery, Mendocino; Northcoast Artists, Fort Bragg; and the Ren Brown Collection in Bodega Bay.

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Wayne Jiang

Wayne will be teaching:

May 19–21, 2017
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WAYNE JIANG is an acrylic realist painter. Combining the aesthetic of 17th century Baroque paintings and the composition of modern documentary photography, his works have been described as the contemporary interpretations of Van Eyck, Vermeer, and Hopper. His work has been widely exhibited in museums and galleries such as the Morris Graves Museum of Art, Triton Museum, Crocker Art Museum, Sanchez Art Center, History San José, and Solomon Dubnick Gallery.

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Evelyn Klein

Evelyn will be teaching:

May 5–7, 2017
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EVELYN KLEIN is a full time professional artist and educator. Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, she moved to Montreal, graduating with a BFA, majoring in art education. She specialized in printmaking, creating exclusive limited edition prints for corporations and commissioned works for hotels, private homes and corporate offices, as well as exhibiting nationally and internationally.

“Moving from Montreal to California 14 years ago, where I worked with leading master printers and established artists, it led me to establish my own print studio, Equinox Press, which has blossomed into a unique non-toxic facility offering the latest innovations in printmaking and painting. It responds to the need of a vibrant and artistic community, offering a place to work as well as receive instruction and guidance, from image making to framing, preparing portfolios for jury applications, Photoshop assistance and more. Above all, I offer a supportive, stimulating and safe place where artists and students can create, share and exchange ideas.”

“During the past few years I have been pulled more and more into teaching, which has taken over a large part of my artistic career. I love the creative exchange, finding much satisfaction in sharing my discoveries and new techniques as well as receiving valuable information.”

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David Weitzman

David will be teaching:

May 12–14, 2017
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DAVID WEITZMAN’s 20 books of historical narrative and fiction written and illustrated over the last 40 years have received numerous awards including a Bronze Medal at The International Book Design Exhibition, Leipzig, Germany, a PEN Book Award, an Association of Children’s Librarians Distinguished Book Award, American Library Association Notable Book, and the Children’s Africana Book Award. His illustrations have been included in American Institute of Graphic Arts Exhibitions, in anthologies and collections of books for young readers, and shown in galleries, libraries, and museums all over the country. You can page through his books, read reviews and view a more detailed curriculum vitae on his website.

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