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Second Saturday Gallery Reception: March 10, 5 pm – 8 pm
Open Art Studios: 5 pm – 9 pm

The Mendocino Art Center hosts a free Second Saturday Artists Reception each month. Enjoy snacks and wine, and meet the exhibiting artists. Also meet the 2017/18 Artists in Residence, watch them work and view new works created in the Mendocino Art Center studios.

March 2 – April 1, 2018

Patrick "Rick" Keller: The 70's to 70

Patrick "Rick" Keller

"In order to paint well one should practice drawing and in order to draw well one should study the figure. All lies in the figure. Planes, cylinders, circles, all are within the human body. I believe that we make art to stay in touch with our humanity. If that is the case, then figures are the most human of subjects. To my mind the greatest paintings involve the figure, or lessons that are learned by drawing the figure. That being said, I will always draw the figure. They are the beginning and the end of painting."

— Rick Keller

Patrick "Rick" Keller

Having three years of college behind me and upon returning from an Asian war, I just could not settle into a business program at Illinois State University. There is a story regarding how this happened, but in a twenty-four hour period I went from an Econ major to one in fine art. I finished that program rather well compared to my earlier undergrad efforts. That notwithstanding, I chose a direction more geared to monetary profit than the satisfaction of making aesthetically beautiful things. Thirty-five years slipped by and I found myself spending more and more time in museums and galleries until one day I set up an easel, broke out decades old tubes of paint and tried a couple of still life paintings. A few years later my then girlfriend, and now wife, and I moved to Mendocino. I immediately started drawing with the figure group and soon was joining the folks doing portraits on Monday mornings. For the year and a half that we moved to San Francisco I drew with a strong group in the Noe Valley run by Michael Markowitz.  Back in Mendocino full time, I continued to hone some areas of the craft and continue today. I have shown work with the figure group several times and took part in an alumni show at ISU about four years ago. I, now and here, stand humbly in front of a modest block of work depicting the above story.