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Second Saturday Gallery Reception: August 13, 5pm–8pm

August 2016

Nancy Mona Russell

Nancy Mona Russell, Verano

Nancy Mona Russell, Summerhill

"My paintings are abstractions of visual memories, or, rather than being something remembered, the work is a process of discovery.

"The acrylic paintings start with charcoal on the gesso surface. Sometimes it is a road map for the painting, and other times the drawing is only the departure. The surface, colors, and shapes take on a life of their own, a distillation of the experience of making the artwork.

"The oil stick paintings are made, without a brush, using oil sticks composed of pigment with linseed oil and natural wax. The immediacy of painting directly on the surface is almost like painting with my hands, reminiscent of the joy of finger paint as a child."

— Nancy Mona Russell

Nancy Mona Russell, Banos
Nancy Mona Russell, Sodor

Born in Southern California, Nancy Mona Russell grew up in Pasadena until moving to San Mateo in the middle of tenth grade. Returning to Southern California for college, she graduated with departmental honors in Studio Art from Scripps College, the liberal-arts women’s college that is a member of the Claremont Colleges. The small residential college offered a wonderful opportunity to study with notable faculty like Phil Dike, Doug McClelland, Paul Darrow and Jean Ames.

Since graduation, besides continuing to work as a painter, she has also been involved with other artistic endeavors. She has volunteered as administrative assistant at Pacifica’s Sanchez Art Center, served as Gallery Chair and coordinator for the Art Guild of Pacifica’s exhibition committee, as well as serving as President, Vice President and Membership Chair. Since 1974, Nancy assisted her partner of 42 years, Jerry Barrish, in various capacities with his filmmaking and sculpture careers. She served as script supervisor and script consultant on Barrish’s feature films and recently did second camera work and poster design for "PLASTIC MAN, the artistic life of Jerry Ross Barrish,” directed by William Farley (which played at Mendocino Film Festival in 2015.)

Nancy’s love for hands on artmaking is primary, and since 2004 she has had a studio at Sanchez Art Center. In addition, she has studied digital art at Skyline College and photography at University of California Extension. Titles for her paintings are chosen after the paintings are completed, evocative of place, memory or moment, but are intended as a way to identify each canvas. Nancy describes her paintings as abstractions of visual memories, or as a record of her process of discovery.

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