Lynn Kelleher

I was born and raised in New Jersey. From my earliest memory I loved to sketch and draw. At age six I became totally blind due to an accident. From that time forward, I searched for an art form that would satisfy my creative interests, but did not find one for years. I attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, from 1971 to 1973. I married in 1973 and moved to Davis, California. There I graduated with a BS Degree from the University of California at Davis in June of 1975.

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Lynn Kelleher, Spring Renewal

Artist: Lynn Kelleher
Title: "Spring Renewal"

Medium: Coiled Pine Needle Basket with green dyed pine needles and natural round reed, brown and green waxed linen thread embellished and edged by natural round reed culminating in an airy design. The foundation of the the basket is a center round reed knot sitting on a leather bottom.

Dimensions: 7.5" the widest diameter and 3.75" at the highest point
Price $75 + tax
Shipping calculated separately


Lynn Kelleher, Rose Star

Artist: Lynn Kelleher
Title: "Rose Star"

Medium: Coiled Pine Needle Basket with green and waxed linen thread. Embellished with Deodora rose shaped cedar cones in a star shape. The foundation of the basket is knotted round reed surrounding a wooded bead. The basket sits on a base of colored round reed.

Dimensions: 9" at the widest point and 3" at the highest point
Price: $95 + tax
Shipping calculated separately


Lynn Kelleher, Ring of Fire

Artist: Lynn Kelleher
Title: "Ring of Fire"

Medium: Coiled pine needle basket with pink and blue waxed linen thread embellished with three pink wrapped coils, black wooden beads and a sliced walnut shell.

Dimensions: 5.75" circular diameter basket that is 2.5" high
Price: $55 + tax
Shipping calculated separately


Lynn Kelleher, Geometric Design

Artist: Lynn Kelleher
Title: "Geometric Design"

Medium: Round Coiled Pine Needle Basket with square lid, colored waxed linen thread and wrapped embellishments.

Dimensions: 5" in diameter and 4.5" high, including triangular wrapped handle
Price: $70 + tax
Shipping calculated separately



Lynn Kelleher, Elegance

Artist: Lynn Kelleher
Title: "Elegance"

Medium: Coiled Pine Needle Basket with green waxed linen thread and embellished with sliced walnut shells, wrapped handles and red leather bottom.

Dimensions: 6" diameter (add 3" to include handles), height is 1.5" Price: $50 + tax
Shipping calculated separately


Lynn Kelleher, Blue Wave

Artist: Lynn Kelleher
Title: "Blue Wave"

Medium: Coiled Pine Needle Basket with green and red waxed linen thread embellished with blue wrapped waves and knotted round reed for the pedestal foundation.

Dimensions: 9.5" diameter x
3.5" high
Price: $99 + tax
Shipping calculated separately


After raising our two children I became very interested in coiled pine needle basket making in 1996. In 1998 I badly sprained my ankle and was unable to walk for six weeks. During this period of rehabilitation, I found a local basket maker who agreed to give me individual lessons in coiled pine needle basketry. The rest is history. I enjoy gathering my basketry materials from all different kinds of environments. I have become more aware of my environment in my search for shells, stones, drift wood, dried pods and seeds as embellishments for my creations. This type of “green” art is environmentally friendly because it reduces pollution to our planet by changing waste products into useful and decorative items. In addition, my art form can be appreciated by both the blind and the sighted. I get my inspiration for my baskets from pottery, the beauty of the forest with its natural ornamentation and the grandeur of sea life. I appreciate artwork that is both beautiful and practical.

I have displayed and sold my artistic creations in art galleries and shows in San Francisco, Davis, Chester-Lake Almanor, Gualala and Sea Ranch. My baskets are now located in a half dozen countries. I have taught numerous basketry workshops for Feather River Community College, California School for the Blind, and the Woodland Seniors Group. I became a member of the Bay Area Basket Makers Guild in 2003 to the present. I was one of the blind artists who was selected to participate in the San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind Insights 2009 Art Show from October 5, 2009 to January 31, 2010. In June and July 2010 I was selected as one of the visiting artists at the San Francisco Exploratorium to demonstrate basketry.

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