Orna Pascal

In 1988, I had the good fortune to meet Marion Hildebrandt. I instantly fell in love with her pine needle baskets and knew it was something I wanted to do. Two classes, one at the Caning Shop in Berkeley and one at the Kirmeyer School of Basketry in San Jose got me started and I’ve been doing it ever since.

For many years I made only pine needle baskets with materials I collected myself. About ten years ago I fell in love with twining and have been having lots of fun with it. My approach is intuitive, letting the materials lead & being happy with not knowing what the ultimate result will be.

Every single thing about basketry appeals to me, textures, shapes, the enormous variety of materials, its long history and its current vibrancy. Being part of something that people have been doing pretty much forever is a deep spiritual experience for me.

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Orna Pascal, Twined Vessel with Yellow

Artist: Orna Pascal
Title: "Twined Vessel w/Yellow"
Dimensions: approximately 9"
Price: $465 + tax
Shipping calculated separately


Orna Pascal, Twined Red and White

Artist: Orna Pascal
Title: "Twined Red & White"
Dimensions: 6" tall
Price: $235 + tax
Shipping calculated separately


Orna Pascal, Small Twined Vessels

Artist: Orna Pascal
Title: "3 Small Twined Vessels"
Dimensions: approximately 2.5" x
Price: $95 each + tax
Shipping calculated separately

Priced Separately


Orna Pascal, 3 Pine Needle

Artist: Orna Pascal
Title: 3 Pine Needle
Price: NFS


Orna Pascal, Pine Needle with Yellow Rim

Artist: Orna Pascal
Title: "Pine Needle
with Yellow Rim"
Price: NFS


Orna Pascal, Twined Indigo Dyed Vessel

Artist: Orna Pascal
Title: "Twined Indigo Dyed Vessel w/Red"
Price: NFS


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