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You’ve done it!

Thank you and congratulations to all our members and friends! Our $60,000 challenge has been met and exceeded.

Thanks for helping us launch Revitalize at 55, our development fund to preserve and improve the buildings on our historic campus.

Already you’ve helped MAC start needed studio repairs and improvements as part of our Revitalize at 55 program.

The additional funds are needed for important conservation projects. The Stevenson Studio needs a new roof; water pipes for the theater building need to be replaced, and our "East End"—home to the historic forge/blacksmithing area, ceramics kilns and sculpture studio—needs a renewal that will include a new roof, new wiring, and additional cement flooring.

Thank you for helping us take advantage of this great opportunity!

Additional donations are always appreciated.

The board of directors, staff and I deeply appreciate your generosity. Your art center has a great year ahead—with exceptional art exhibitions, broad-ranging classes, a new writer’s residency, and more.

Thank you for your support and for keeping the arts vibrant in Mendocino.

Lindsay Shields,
Executive Director

P.S. If you are not a member yet. Now is a great time to get the benefits of membership for the coming year of exciting programs.

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More about Revitalize at 55

Your help is vital to Mendocino Art Center continuing its historic role as the cornerstone of Mendocino’s arts and cultural ecology.

As someone who truly cares about the arts, you want to sustain the vitality of the arts in our community, in our regional and national culture, in your own life—and in the lives of those you love.

For over 50 years, these continue to be the goals of the Mendocino Art Center.

MAC has been both an economic engine and a source for the creative culture and entrepreneurial spirit of Mendocino County. The artists who built MAC and those who moved here to be part of MAC helped create a unique arts ecosystem that is nationally recognized and continues to attract artists to our community.

Each fall, up to ten artists who have participated in an internationally competitive process, come to live and work at the Mendocino Art Center. These Artists In Residence are at varying stages of their career and work in a variety of disciplines. They explore their practice in a collaborative setting, and teach in an environment that inspires participants and the cultural life of the entire community.

“I am so excited to jump back into the world of clay in America, …” said Nancy Barbour, new coordinator of MAC’s ceramics program, when she arrived in Mendocino after three years living and working in Tianjin, China. “This is a wonderful place to develop a body of work that reflects my ‘time spent looking’ at a culture foreign to my own.... I'm excited about MAC’s facilities and I want to build a strong program that provides engaging classes for ceramic enthusiasts at all levels of experience.”

Nancy’s excitement reflects what’s so special about MAC—and why your help is so important

The experience of creating art is distinct and life changing. It develops critical thinking, problem solving skills and self-awareness. It calls for hands-on engagement in the art making process, an experienced guide, time and place to experiment with media and techniques, and the goal of creating meaningful work.

These are the special strengths of MAC’s programs. Thanks to our community and our artists, MAC is a laboratory for creation and innovation in contemporary art. MAC’s classes, exhibitions, and collections nurture the creative expression of emerging and established artists, actively engage audiences of all ages, expand visitor experiences, and deepen the community’s engagement with the arts.

Why now?

More than ever, significant challenges impede the long-term health of arts organizations. After years of struggling with the complex factors that have changed our culture and our nation’s funding for the arts, MAC has achieved solid change. MAC has retired its debt and improved its financial strength. MAC has found its path to being a relevant and resilient arts organization. But MAC needs the resources to respond to today's operating challenges and to constantly reinvest in maintaining its historic buildings.

MAC’s 2014 Revitalize campaign will raise funds for major upkeep projects alongside a preservation endowment fund. All funds raised are for the care and preservation of MAC’s facilities, with each gift of $100 or more evenly split between a preservation investment fund and active projects, which currently include new roofs for two studios and improved drainage for the foundry and ceramics on the East End.

MAC relies on your generosity, the allegiance of our members and the hard work and dedication of our staff and volunteers. You can have a part in ensuring a prosperous future for the arts in Mendocino County.

Send a gift to MAC’s Revitalize campaign now. Join if you are not a member. You will help maintain our campus and ensure that art, and the making of art, continue to be central to our community and an important inducement to its visitors.