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Help Support Scholarships and the Mendocino Art Center General Fund

Every day, I witness how the Mendocino Art Center brings great joy and satisfaction to our students, staff, and community. Part of our mission is to provide classes in a myriad of art forms and to support these students in their creative endeavors. It is a perfect place to explore, learn, grow or expand anyone’s artistic and inspired abilities.

What a better way to pass on creativity…than to help students with tuition and other expenses! When students cannot afford to experience our wonderful opportunities, we offer various scholarship programs. The scholarships range from a 50% tuition assistance for an individual class to supporting an entire residency for our Artists-in-Residence (AIR) program.

Our Artist-in-Residence program has grown in recent years and brought cutting edge working artists as well as artists taking creative retreat time to our campus in Mendocino. We can see the results of the growth of their art through our annual Artist-in-Residence Exhibition in April. With your help, we will expand this highly successful program.

Please take a moment to support creativity and the students who might otherwise
not be able to afford to benefit from our classes/workshops and AIR program.

Help Support Scholarships and the General Fund

General Scholarship Fund (any amount is appreciated)
$150: 1 person for one workshop
$1500: 10 people for 10 workshops
$2500: AIR - 3 months residency,
and become a Zacha Legacy Society member
$5500: AIR - 6 months residency,
AIR scholarship fund named after donor
and become a Zacha Legacy Society member
Ongoing monthly amount

Thank you again for your generous donation to the Mendocino Art Center.

Debra Lennox
Board President

PS: Woven into the fabric of the local economy of Mendocino, the Art Center (a 501 c3 tax-exempt organization, tax ID #94-6050398) has supported and delighted residents, thousands of visitors and students for more than six decades. 

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Building Our Future Capital Campaign

Building Our Future Capital CampaignHere's your opportunity to ensure a thriving future for the Mendocino Art Center and the
community it serves. You can build a much-needed expansion, rebuild outdated facilities, and launch an endowment that will sustain the 55 year-old Art Center for the next 55 years and beyond.

Like you, we're part of this community. With the help of artists and good neighbors such as you, we will construct a multi-purpose green wing with upgraded apartments; a catering kitchen; and the Stussy Studio, a fine arts studio large enough for classes and community use.

Donate to the Building Our Future Campaign



Donations, Endowments, Bequests

By making a donation to the Mendocino Art Center you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped provide the opportunities of art education you have had, for your children and the generations to come. At the same time you receive the tax advantage of donating to a non-profit 501 (C)3 educational organization.

All donations of any amount are helpful and appreciated.

Please check back regarding information about endowments and bequests.



Buy a Tile for History

Become a part of Mendocino Art Center history. Add your name or that of a loved one or pet to the beautifully landscaped Zacha Sculpture Garden Commemorative Walkway. Buy an engraved tile to ensure a permanent remembrance while also supporting MAC. One tile with two lines is $200; three lines is $250. Logos are extra.

The Zacha Sculpture Garden Commemorative Walkway
honors our founders, Bill and Jennie Zacha. A bronze bust of Bill Zacha, at the entrance to the walkway, leads into the beautifully landscaped courtyard, which is surrounded by art studios and paved with personalized tiles and sculptures.

To order a tile please call 707 937-5818 (toll free 1-800-653-3328) or email our Gallery Director.