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Beauty that will outlive us all
The Three Ages of Woman
, completed September 29, 2007

John Fisher's sculpture, Three Ages of Woman is for sale with 50% of the proceeds benefiting the Mendocino Art Center and 50% going to the artist.

John Fisher's sculpture is serving as a financial catalyst for Mendocino Art Center's Building Renovation Project and the title of the project, "Reconstruction Thru Reconstruction," figuratively applies to the demolition and reconstruction process the Art Center is embarking on to rebuild structures that range from 50 to 100 years old. One apartment building, converted from old sheds, will be rebuilt in the first phase of Mendocino Art Center's three-part Building Renovation Project.

An anonymous donor has made a $100,000 donation for the naming rights to the rebuilding of the apartment building. All event proceeds, from public donations to sales of limestone chips, jewelry and other event merchandise, will be used to renovate the structures on the Mendocino Art Center campus.

For more information and pricing, email the Executive Director.

July 5, 2007: The Rock Arrives



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See John's latest work in marble, sculptured in October

The Final Slide Show

John with student
Week 7: John's Class

Week 6: Sept 6

Week 6: Sept 4

Week 5: August 25

Week 5: August 24

Week 4: August 11

Week 3: August 5

Week 3: August 3-4

july28 pictures
Week 2: July 28

July 27 pictures
Week 2: July 26-27

after a week
After 1 Week
July 20-21

sculpture image
July 18-19

Sculpture Day 3
July 17

first day pictures
July 16

fair pictures
July 14-15