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Pick one workshop and follow it up with an open studio session with both masters!

Instructor: Tom Herman
January 11-15, 2017
(Wedneday–Sunday, 9:30am–4:30pm)

All levelsEnrollment limited to 10

Tom Herman

Tom Herman


This class is currently full. To be placed on the waiting list, please call the Mendocino Art Center Registrar. There is still space available in the Open Studio session, January 18-22.
707 937-5818, ext. 10
Toll-free 800 653-3328, ext. 10


Learn to sculpt metal into ornamental patterns using Bas Relief techniques, with a focus on developing chasing, engraving, and piercing skills. The process begins by laying out the pattern on metal with tracing punches. You continue to add contour and definition by drilling and saw piercing and then shape it with gravers and texturing punches. Students will learn how to make chasing punches and chisels, how to mount and sharpen gravers used in carving and how to use a saw frame to sculpt as well as pierce.

Students will carve a sample piece in copper in a leaf over leaf pattern. Through this process they will become more comfortable with how to use punches to move the metal before and after saw piercing. They can then begin to create a work of their own using this process. Students new to the technique may find it easier to start with flat objects, (i.e. necklaces or earrings). If you wish to work on a ring, please bring a blank in your size. 

Students should come with clear ideas of what they want to achieve and how these techniques will enhance their own work. They're encouraged to bring pieces of their own work including castings, blank bands, and stones. During class, students can work towards a finished piece of jewelry in gold or another metal.

Before the workshop, students are encouraged to practice drawing the kind of ornament they want to carve – the more you understand a pattern the better you can sculpt it. It is also helpful to practice saw piercing by cutting out coins (at least 3). For example, cut out the background of a nickel only leaving the outer edge of the coin and Jefferson’s head intact. See the impact that cutting out the background makes.

Since he was a boy, TOM HERMAN has been an artist. In 1982, he channeled his artistic talents into his new business, Seven Fingers Jewelers, named for his own handprint after having lost three fingers as a child in a Minnesota farming accident. Over the last 30 years, Tom has become a master jewelry maker, renowned for his talents at working with precious stones, metal carving, and unique designs.

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Instructor: Patsy Croft
January 11-15, 2017
(Wedneday–Sunday, 9:30am–4:30pm)

All levelsEnrollment limited to 10

Patsy Croft


ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT! Please call the Mendocino Art Center Registrar to register for this class.
707 937-5818, ext. 10
Toll-free 800 653-3328, ext. 10


Plique a Jour in 3D is known as backless cloisonné or windows of light.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the early Master’s work of Plique a Jour including how they possibly achieved this extraordinary work. With exploring the expansion of various enamels and capillary action you will be able to put your skills to the test by forming and saw piercing fine silver to create your own 3D jewels of light, sparkling through beautiful colors of enamel.

In a kit provided, students will have a sample leaf of fine silver and a selection of enamels to work with. You are encouraged to bring fine silver sheet of 16-18 gauge and enamels of your choice to further develop your imagination.


The Birth of a Cloisonne Artist
"Bright colors we can find only in nature, quality craftsmanship that will outlast the seasons, and a promise to do my part with the gifts I've been given."

— Patsy Croft, Jewelry Designs

Stylish, intense, yet entirely down-to-earth, PATSY CROFT lives life outside the lines, refusing convention and championing individuality. Ironic, considering the cloisonné artist spends her days working carefully inside lines she craft in gold. But creativity will never be easily lost with Patsy.

With a body of work inspired by her travels and love of nature, She has earned a national reputation for her enamel jewelry. For Patsy, cloisonné represents a place to use her line drawings, a way to fulfill her passion for brilliant colors, and a chance to pay homage to the world of nature.

My collection combines classical techniques with contemporary original designs for today’s client. High karat metals of silver and gold are designed to receive beautiful colors of enamel and precious stones, to create an eye-catching jewel of lasting quality. I believe jewelry is an expression of one's personality, and I strive to create a unique piece of art that the client will forever enjoy.

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January 18–22, 2017 (Wednedasy–Sunday)
$400 • Enrollment limited to 12

The five-day open studio session offers students their own designated bench with open access to the Susan E. Wood Jewelry Studio. A list of studio equipment and supplies is available upon request. Students are encouraged to bring their own basic hand tools and simple supplies (i.e. saw blades, emery papers, etc.). Tom Herman and Patsy Croft will be in the studio daily to provide guidance/instruction for a two-hour time period (time to be determined).

Concurrently during the open session Tom and Patsy will be working on the creation of a MatilijaPoppy brooch in 22k gold and enamel in the adjacent studio. Both instructors will invite students for demonstrations at various times throughout the open studio session. 

For more information please email Nancy Gardner or call her at 707-972-4178.


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$400: Session One: January 18-22 (Wednesday–Sunday)


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