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Here's your opportunity to ensure a thriving future for the Mendocino Art Center and the community it serves. You can build a much-needed expansion, rebuild outdated facilities, and launch an endowment that will sustain the 55 year-old Art Center for the next 55 years and beyond.

Like you, we're part of this community. With the help of artists and good neighbors such as you, we will construct a multi-purpose green wing with upgraded apartments; a catering kitchen; and the Stussy Studio, a fine arts studio large enough for classes and community use.


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Jan Stussy Studio Building
Photograph: Leona Fern Walden


at Mendocino Art Center

The Future of Art Education
Mendocino Art Center, our artists, and our members share timeless values: a belief in the power of art in individual lives, a commitment to art education, and a sense of responsibility to the larger community. Those values influence even those who have never visited our campus or taken a course in our studios. The Art Center is a community-shaping force and a driving power in the regional arts economy. Today the Art Center is committed to artistic and teaching excellence, to creating new opportunities for artists and students from near and far, and to honoring our renowned past by building a sustainable future.


Jan Stussy Studio BuildingOur Project
On the occasion of our 55th year, the Mendocino Art Center is raising $1.5 million for long-term capital projects in partnership with community members and businesses.

This campaign to preserve and upgrade our campus will
• establish an endowment to ensure MAC’s long term sustainability, and
• fund construction of a new building to replace the deteriorating apartment building and house a new teaching facility in the Jan Stussy Studio.

The Stussy Studio Building project reflects our unwavering commitment to improving art education, and to supporting the economic vitality of our neighborhood—the town of Mendocino, and the wider region—by strengthening a key asset in the county, and helping to sustain the Mendocino region’s rich cultural heritage.

Photograph above: Dale Moyer


Our Mission
Mendocino Art Center is an educational institution that fosters engagement, exploration and excellence in the arts. We create, teach, exhibit, and preserve art; and cultivate a vibrant regional arts environment to ensure access to all people, enrich each visitor’s experience, and preserve the community’s artistic heritage.

Jan Stussy, Self PortraitThe Jan Stussy Studio is named for the late UCLA multi-media artist and founder of the UCLA Art Extension program who was known for his passion and skill as a teacher. Mendocino Art Center was the venue for the July 2012 Jan & Maxine Stussy Retrospective. MAC’s new studio will provide space to expand MAC’s fine arts department, increase classes, and create a large gathering space for art lectures and demonstrations. It will be the backdrop for new concepts for classes and for developing innovative teaching methods. Our hope is that Mendocino Art Center will be as powerful a force in its context and time as the UCLA Art Department was in Stussy’s.

This project will have a tremendous long-term economic and cultural impact on our students and our community—the historic town of Mendocino, as well as the larger community of the north coast and Mendocino County. Those impacts include:

• The building will provide new service facilities—including a catering kitchen— for MAC’s hospitality events and for community uses, while the instructional spaces will be the best equipped in Mendocino County and the region beyond.
• The new building will serve as a beacon of organizational longevity and continuity, showcasing Mendocino Art Center’s program as a national model for excellence in art education and resiliency for small arts nonprofit organizations.

Pictured above: "Self-Portrait in Anatomical Sweatshirt," Jan Stussy, 1965. Acrylic, charcoal and photo-collage on masonite (40" x 30").

Our Impact
Once this historic project is completed, our goals are to:
• Increase classes for youth and adults in hands-on training in fine arts
• Employ and involve artists from near and far as instructors, creators, and resources to use our exceptional facilities to advance art education
• Partner with educational institutions and regional school districts to support teachers and offer academic credit opportunities to their students

Won’t you consider joining in this enterprise?


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Banner photograph: Larry Wagner